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Labor Day - September 7, 2020

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I hope you enjoy Utah’s beautiful scenery and nature while supporting local businesses and maybe even visit one of the National Parks located in our great state this Labor Day weekend. If you are planning a trip, you can review the CDC guidelines for safe travel practices.

Labor Day is a day to recognize those who have built this great country. Let us celebrate those among us whose hard work and labors have kept our country strong and let us rededicate ourselves to be a part of those who continue to strengthen this country for future generations. As we navigate this pandemic, there are resources available to you.


I’ve had many constituents reach out to me inquiring about legislation passed during the special sessions regarding helping Utahns get back to work and restarting the economy, particularly in rural Utah. Most of our programs, grants and other resources can be found here.

Here are some grants and programs that have been implemented:

  • If you’re unemployed, furloughed, underemployed or looking for opportunities to boost your career, the Learn & Work In Utah, a program the Legislature created and funded through CARES Act, aims to help by providing opportunities for unemployed, underemployed and vulnerable workers to learn new skills. You can learn more here.

  • Individuals whose employment has been impacted by COVID-19 can visit for resources and information.

  • Agricultural Operations Grant Program: Through this program, the Conservation Commission provides grants to farms, ranches, or animal feed operations that have been financially harmed by public health measures related to COVID-19. A qualifying agricultural operation must have experienced financial harm between March 1 and December 30, 2020.

  • Instructions from the Department of Agriculture and Food here (submissions due January 1, 2021).

  • Access the grant application here.

  • COVID-19 Cultural Assistance Grant Program: This program is intended to help cultural and arts organizations impacted by COVID-19 to attract customers back. It does so by subsidizing special offers to consumers from botanical, cultural, recreational, or zoological organizations. Those interested should submit a proposal to the Division of Arts and Museums; and sign declarations of accuracy and an acknowledgement of being subject to audit. The application portal, applicant review criteria, and other resources for the program can be accessed here.

  • COVID-19 Impacted Business Grant Program: This program is intended to help businesses impacted by COVID-19 attract customers back. It does so by subsidizing special offers to consumers from businesses and startup entities. Beginning September 15, startup entities may also apply for and receive grants. A startup may receive a grant for up to the startup's net losses caused by COVID-19. Application instructions can be found on the Governor's Office of Economic Development's website here.

  • Oil, Gas, and Mining Grant Program: This program is intended to provide financial assistance to oil, gas, and mining businesses negatively impacted by the pandemic. Beginning on September 15, 2020, an oil, gas, or mining company that has suffered losses due to COVID-19 may apply to the Governor's Office of Economic Development to receive a grant under this program. Because this program is new, the Governor's Office of Economic Development has not yet created an application for this program. Please monitor their website here.

Kind regards,

Senator Winterton

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