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2023 Session - Legislative Recap

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Friends and Neighbors,

Last week marked the end of the 2023 General Session. For seven weeks, I worked alongside my colleagues to consider legislation on a variety of issues. Below you will find a review of some of the topics we addressed. I am grateful for the many individuals involved and all the hard work that went into the session. This year’s extraordinary budget provided a generational opportunity for our state to make significant investments and cut taxes for the third consecutive year.

We had many groups and individuals come visit us during the session. It was a pleasure to see Utahns getting involved in the legislative process. Though we are no longer in session, we will begin interim meetings in May which help prepare us for the next general session. I would appreciate your thoughts during the interim. You can reach me by email at and phone at 435-299-8531. I will continue to send newsletters on a monthly basis to keep you informed.

Budget Overview

It is our constitutional responsibility to pass a balanced budget each year. Early in the session, we pass smaller, bare bones base budgets to ensure our state continues running even if there is a breakdown during negotiations. Near the end of the session, the Legislature passes what is referred to as the “Bill of Bills,” which allows us to supplement the base budgets with expanded appropriations based on the latest revenue estimates shared mid-way through the session. In this recent session, the “Bill of Bills” was more specifically known as S.B. 3 Appropriations Adjustments. Our total state budget this year was a remarkable $29 billion, the largest budget in Utah’s history.

Utah’s economy is in a strong position, ranking as the best state for economic outlook for 15 years in a row. However, the country is experiencing increased risks and volatility, with predictions of economic slowdowns. Utah is the best-prepared state in the nation for economic uncertainties. We are committed to ensuring Utah continues to be well-prepared for current and future needs by making strategic investments and wise budget decisions.

Utah Budget 2023
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Tax Cuts

The 2023 General Session was a historic year for Utah, giving us the opportunity to provide the largest tax cut in state history. Over the past two years, the Utah Legislature has reduced taxes by nearly $300 million. To continue Utah’s commitment to reducing taxes and cultivating a family and business-friendly environment, the Legislature provided $850 million in tax relief for Utahns during the 2023 General Session. The tax cuts include reducing the income tax rate, expanding the social security tax credit, providing a double dependent exemption for those who have children under three and lowering the tax on motor fuel. You can learn more about additional tax cuts in the highlights below.