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April 2024 - Newsletter

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Dear Friends and Neighbors,    


It is hard to believe that the 2024 General Session ended over a month ago. As I look back on my experience, I am honored to have been a part of such an impressive and historic session. 

Countless hours were dedicated to establishing great policy for Utahns, and I am moved by the thought and care that went into each bill passed. Many of these bills will go into effect in the next few weeks, and I am excited to see their positive impacts.   


To accomplish much in a short time, we need to continue working together. I am looking forward to continuing this collaboration as we prepare for our monthly interim meetings, which are a time to research and discuss legislation for the next general session. Keep an eye on your inbox, as I will send monthly newsletters covering the important topics we discuss.   


I am grateful for the opportunity to serve our community. Please continue to provide feedback and insights on topics or concerns for our district. 

Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom at the Capitol 

Spring has graced us with the breathtaking sight of cherry blossoms in full bloom at the Capitol! Over the past few weeks, visitors from all corners of Utah have flocked to the Capitol to capture photos, enjoy picnics, and take leisurely strolls amidst the enchanting blossoms. Even Utah's whimsical weather added its own touch by dusting the trees with a blanket of snow! 


While the cherry blossoms may only grace us for a short time each April, the beauty of the Capitol grounds extends far beyond these fleeting blooms. The Capitol building and its surrounding complex are open to the public year-round, offering an opportunity to bask in the splendor of nature's finest offerings. 


Although you may have to wait until next April to witness the cherry blossoms in all their glory, we invite you to enjoy these captivating pictures and discover the countless other treasures that await you on the Capitol grounds. Come and experience the magic for yourself! 

Best Economic Outlook in the Country 

Over the past couple of years, we in the Legislature have been working with the mindset of putting Utahns first, helping ensure our great state remains a desirable place to live and work. This past session was no exception. My colleagues and I continued to take fiscally responsible and conservative measures to secure Utah's economic future and put more money back into the hands of Utahns, including cutting taxes for a total of $1.3 billion over the past four years while still increasing education funding by nearly $1 billion. 


And our efforts are working. This year, for the 17th consecutive year, Utah was named the top-ranked state for economic outlook in the 2024 edition of Rich States, Poor States. Additionally, the Wall Street Journal recently ranked Salt Lake City as America's top job market. Along with boasting a powerhouse economy, Utah remains the best state for the middle class and the happiest and most charitable state. 


As your senator, I remain committed to developing long-lasting, sustainable policy solutions to improve our economy that will allow our state and Utahns to continue to thrive. 



The Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) serves a critical role in managing lands granted to the state by the federal government to support public schools and institutions. Established in 1994, SITLA aims to maximize revenue from these lands to fund education and other vital state institutions. Through activities such as leasing for mineral and energy development, commercial real estate and agriculture, SITLA generates substantial revenue that directly benefits Utah's education system. 


Education funding is paramount in Utah, and the Legislature has made historic appropriations to ensure the continued success of our schools. In addition to those appropriations, a record-breaking $101.8 million was distributed directly to Utah's schools from SITLA funds during the 2023-2024 school year alone. This substantial contribution underscores the importance of SITLA's management strategies, which balance economic development with environmental stewardship to provide sustainable, long-term benefits for our public education system. 


During this last school year, our District 20 received $4.8 million from SITLA, demonstrating the tangible impact of these funds on our local schools and communities. See a detailed report on how the money was distributed throughout our district here


2024 Interim Schedule  

After the general session is over, we continue to meet regularly in interim committees to research, discuss and prepare legislation for the next 45-day general session. The Legislature recently approved the interim schedule for 2024.   


All interim meetings and proceedings are open to the public and live-streamed, recorded and shared publicly on Input is an integral part of the legislative process, and I encourage everyone to participate, in-person or virtually.    


View the 2024 interim schedule here.  


2024 Interim Schedule  

  • May 14-15 at the Utah State Capitol Complex 

  • June 18-19 at the Utah State Capitol Complex 

  • August 20-21 at the Utah State Capitol Complex 

  • September 17-18 at the Utah State Capitol Complex 

  • October 15-16 at the Utah State Capitol Complex 

  • November 19-20 at the Utah State Capitol Complex 

  • December 3 at the Utah State Capitol Complex 


In Case you Missed it (ICYMI) 



Senator Ron Winterton







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