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COVID-19 and Special Session Update

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

This week, the Legislature will hold monthly interim committee meetings and appropriations subcommittee meetings and is planning to convene for a special session on August 20 to address issues related to COVID-19. Like last time, you can participate in committee meetings by either emailing legislators directly or submitting a request to provide public comment. Learn how to provide public comments here. Legislative proceedings will be live-streamed, recorded and posted on Floor times will also be televised:

● Senate will be broadcast on KUEN channel 9.2 and Comcast channel 388.

● House will be broadcast on KUEN channel 9.3 and Comcast channel 387.

Here are some COVID-19 updates:

In partnership with the Utah Veterans and Military Employment Coalition, the Utah Department of Workforce Services is hosting a series of virtual employment workshops for Veterans, military members and their spouses. More information here.

The graph below shows Utah’s ICU capacity from May 1 through August 12.

While daily case counts are not the most useful indicator of risk to the state, they can provide perspectives on trends. Data shows that cases are beginning to decline. However, this does not mean we should ease up but maintain our efforts and continue to wear masks and practice beneficial hygiene measures.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Senator Ron Winterton

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