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December 2023 - Newsletter

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Friends and Neighbors, 

Happy Holidays! Every holiday season, I enjoy reflecting on the past year. The 2023 session was historic on many levels. We made generational investments in education, social services, water, housing, transportation and infrastructure while reducing taxes for the third consecutive year.    

I hope that between the business of spending time with family and preparing for holiday festivities, you can find a few moments to reflect on your experiences during the last year. I encourage you to reach out to those around you, spread love and joy wherever you can and embrace the spirit of hope and renewal that the holiday season represents. 


Majority Caucus 2024 Session Priorities  


Today, we, as Utahns, benefit from decisions made generations ago by leaders who had a vision for what Utah could become. Those who came before us had a forward-thinking mindset to equip future generations with the tools they needed to face challenges head-on. We see that every day. From wide roads in Salt Lake City to reservoirs scattered across the state to establishing universities that would inspire educational excellence, the foresight of those who led before us paved the way for the high quality of life we enjoy.   


As we come to the 2024 session, the Senate Majority will look to the future and plan for the next 100 years while still focusing on what we can do today to improve Utahns' lives. We're ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow, today.   


We’re focused on the issues that matter to you. Utah has always been a great place to live, work and raise a family and we’re committed to ensuring it stays that way for decades. This session, our priorities will focus on steps we can take now to create generational, long-lasting and sustainable success and prosperity.    


 Senate Majority priorities include:    

  1. Progressing toward energy independence   

  1. Expanding and optimizing our water supply and infrastructure   

  1. Increasing options for affordable housing   

  1. Addressing the cycle of homelessness   

  1. Improving roads and transportation   

  1. Strengthening public safety through criminal justice reform   

  1. Enhancing innovative education outcomes and programs   

  1. Maintaining Utah’s strong economy   

  1. Providing more financial freedom to Utahns through fiscally responsible tax cuts   

As your senator, I am dedicated to maintaining open lines of communication. Your input is invaluable, and I encourage you to share your thoughts, concerns and ideas with me. I’m looking forward to developing these priorities into policies that will benefit our community for years to come.  



This holiday season, we join our Jewish friends and neighbors in celebrating Hanukkah. Across the state, members of the Jewish community have been lighting their Menorahs and commemorating their rich culture and heritage.    Hanukkah holds a profound significance as it reflects the Jewish people's unity, resilience and strength in the face of adversity. The lighting of the menorah represents the triumph of light over darkness, hope over despair and freedom over oppression. It stands as a celebration of religious freedom, emphasizing the right to practice one's faith without fear of persecution. 

This annual recognition encourages us to strive for justice, tolerance and understanding in our communities. In Utah, we are committed to uplifting and standing with the Jewish community today and for future generations. We will continue striving to ensure Utah is a place where the Jewish community always feels accepted, heard, cherished and revered.      


I am happy to share that the International Olympic Committee has initiated a targeted dialogue with Salt Lake City for the potential hosting of the 2034 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

To celebrate this milestone, we lit the Olympic Cauldron earlier this month as we prepare for another opportunity to bring the Winter Games to our great state. The legacy of the 2002 Games has not only endured but flourished, and Utah stands ready, willing and able to embrace the responsibility of hosting once again.


The Legislature was honored to receive a joint briefing from the Consul General of Israel, Israel Bashar. His briefing was insightful and informative as to what is happening on the ground in Israel. We are grateful for the service of Consul General Bashar and his willingness to visit Utah and share the heartbreaking tragedies taking place in his homeland. 

We reaffirm our commitment to the State of Israel in their fight for freedom. The horrific actions carried out by Hamas against innocent men, women and children—both Israeli and Palestinian—have shown this is a fight between good and evil.

I continue to support Israel wholeheartedly, denouncing Hamas’ acts of terrorism and praying for peace in the region.   


Session Survey     

Understanding and addressing your concerns is critical to my job as a legislator. In the coming weeks, you will receive a pre-session survey. Please be on the lookout for it, as it is a great way to share your most pressing concerns before the 2024 General Session begins. I look forward to hearing from you!      


Thank you for your continued support. Our great district truly inspires me, and serving you is one of my greatest honors. Lori Jo and I are grateful for the many new friends we met this year.  We truly do live in the best state in the nation.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.   


Senator Ronald Winterton

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